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The Head program allows you to calculate the design of a two stroke combustion chamber. If you know the desired squish area, squish clearance, volume and the piston data you will be able to calculate a bowl formed combustion chamber within the following combinations:

  • Spherical Piston - Spherical squish
  • Spherical Piston - Conical squish
  • Conical Piston - Conical squish
  • Conical Piston - Spherical Piston is not supported; no one needs it I guess ;-)
  • The main window consists out of a part where you type in the required data and a part with an image to show where to measure the data. The pull-down menus allows for the changes between the different types of squish and piston.

    Output Window

    The output is quite a crowded picture, which is saved under the name you typed in the Print into File field. Currently the software supports .jpg/.jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tiff/.tif, .dxf, .pdf, .ps. Just choose the file name with the right suffix. I guess .dxf could be experimental, however it works fine with QCad under Linux. Here is an example for an output:

    Output Window

    I use the (there the prog41.exe) package to get the right squish data. This programs work well in the dosbox .


    To run the head program you need to download and install TTT Bundle Windows users get an new folder maned 'TomsTuningTools' in their Start-Program directory. Linux users should extract the tar-ed bundle in an appropriate directory and start the program with './head' from the installed directory.


    Everyone is encouraged to use this software for his private use, however you are not allowed to use it commercially.